The Lion King

The Lion King on Broadway went on Tour back in May and came to Philadelphia. I had never seen it on broadway (yes the girl who grew up 20 minutes away from Manhattan never saw it), but thanks to my old job, I got to go for free!As we were sitting there watching feeling like a kid in a candy store with the phenomenal  on stage, the play came to the scene where Mufasa's spirit speaks to Simba. He said "You have forgotten me." Simba replied "No father, I could never forget you!" In response Mufasa says "You have forgotten who you are and have therefor forgotten me. Look at your reflection and remember who you are. You are my son." What was the significance of that? Well for those who don't know or may have forgotten the back story. Mufasa died trying to save Simba. When Scar, Mufasa's jealous brother and sworn enemy who plotted this whole thing, found Simba, he convinced the young cub that it was his fault and to run away. Mufasa was the ruler of the land, the KING of the Pride Lands, automatically making Simba royalty. But when Simba ran he gave up his power and authority to someone who was never meant to have it and wouldn't have to true means to handle it.Mufasa's spirit told Simba to remember who he was, ROYALTY with power and authority over all the Land.

So what's my point?

Where and in what situations have you forgotten who you are and therefor relinquished your authority? Taking it back is very simple, though. It is just a matter of remembering who you are; a child of the King and certified royalty. Your authority is even written in the books and signed in the blood. Remember who you are an act in that. Remember who He is and act through that. 

Who would have thought Disney would preach? lol