Looking for the Living Among the Dead

I went to a conference called Campus Harvest back in March through a ministry called Every Nation Campus Ministry.It was a really strange time for me but ended up being amazing! The conference was held in Durham North Carolina. My father always fusses at me because he says I have such a strong prejudice against the south. It's not really the south so much as NC specifically. 

From the time I was 5 years old I could only associate NC with death. The first time I went, it was for my grandfather's funeral.The 3rd was for my favorite aunt, Bonnie's. Several family members are buried down there so in my mind NC became the place where people and things went to die. 

Now before I go any further, this is not a shot at NC as a state. It was just based off my life experiences. Y'all have some great things down there lol. 

When I went in March we left on my Aunt Bonnie's birthday. She's buried in Henderson. This was 5 months after my grandmother passed and I wasn't coping with that either. I was excited for the trip but there was such a weight on me from the moment we entered state lines. The conference was going well but I was having a terrible time. Emotionally I was broken, hurting, and just over it. I looked at all I had lost, all that had yet to happen, and the "dead place" was weighing on me. 

Right before the last service, one of the guys in my group says to me "the trip isn't over yet, don't count God out." We were in praise and worship that night before the closing service and God clearly said (and no, it wasn't a Morgan Freeman like voice from heaven, but a small voice in me that sounded like me but wasn't words that I could have possibly thought of...) " You can not declare a place as dead that I have declared as living. I conquered death, hell, and the grave for you, so make the choice to live." Now if that wouldn't make me change my mindset immediately, I'm not sure what would have. 

So here is my point....

Often we start declaring things and naming them as negative when that was never what God meant for them to be in our lives. We fill those places with fear, doubt, pain, destruction, malice, anger, or whatever and they were simply just never meant to be called that. Then we wonder why we can't get relief from those situations. The scripture where the angel asks the Mary's "why are you looking for the living among the dead" came to mind. We want relief, we want the deliverance, we want the peace, but with our complaints, negative mindsets, or being blinded by hurt we are speaking death out our mouths and spirits. 

"You can not declare a place as dead that I have declared as living."

What have you misnamed or misdeclared in your life?