Throw It Out!

This one is for the ladies! I often get asked how long someone should keep makeup before throwing it out. So here is a list of dates...

No matter how sensitive your skin may be, everyone experiences adverse reactions to expired makeup whether they are visible or not. When makeup is opened, and is exposed to the air and elements around, bacteria and other germs will collect over time. These same germs and bacteria get into your skin and pores and are especially dangerous around your eyes (note that mascara and eye creams do not last as long because of this reason). It can lead to breakouts, rashes, faster aging of your skin, pink eye, and much more.

So ladies, no mater how pretty the color, how much you paid for it, or how much is left; keeping expired makeup is not worth the health of your skin or your sight. Trash it when is necessary.

Be Beautiful, Stay Mindful